Management Accounts

Management Accounts

Most businesses have to make a lot of financial decisions during the day. They consist of what should be done, when it should be done and most importantly how much it should cost. Management accounts has to be used by managers and business owners in order for them to make good decisions quickly. 


It is important that they are kept updated about the business because if they are not then they might not notice any problems with their business. Many managers and business owners may not know where all the costs are coming from as well as which costs are actually necessary for running the entire business.



This is where management accounts can help. Unlike Financial Statements which shows the historic performance of last year, management accounts gives insight to real time information about financial business performance.


Management Accounts

What are Management Accounts and why are they useful?

Management accounts are used by the management to make key decisions, monitor progress and evaluate performance. They can be defined as an accounts that is used to monitor the financial status of your organization, which is typically the company. Some examples of management accounts include: cash flow, bank reconciliation, inventory balance sheet and so forth. 

Management accounts are used to see the financial status of profits, cash flow and balance sheet. The information provided by these account is useful for informing about the business activity of a company and making strategic decisions if needed. If there is any problem on business then it is vital to inform immediately to avoid loss of precious time and also restructure of your business. 

If you are applying for a bank loan or overdraft, banks will normally ask for management accounts. The purpose of this is so that they can see the financial status of your business and see what your aim is for taking out money. It will allow them to see if you are financially stable enough to run a business and also helps them in determining whether or not that they want to help you out with the loan or overdraft.

In order for management account to be accurate they need to be updated regularly. This is vital for managers and business owners because it will allow them to check the accuracy of their accounts and also make good decisions when necessary. It also allows them to identify any problems which may occur and solve it in time before it gets worse.

Whether you want one off management accounts or routinely, our experts will prepare that for you keeping you informed of any problem areas identified and advising accordingly. 

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